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WOW is committed to creating safe spaces where men can take a closer look at both their emotional and psychological well-being. WOW understands that, as a group, you often encounter more adverse life experiences than men of other racial/ethnic groups. In addition to race-based stressors, society is shifting and requiring you to show up in ways that can be new and challenging for some. WOW believes that understanding your unique lived experiences is as important as addressing the specific symptoms or problems that have brought you to therapy.

Black Men


Although you are the most educated group in our country and continue to make significant contributions to society, the challenges and risks faced by Black women and young girls can be overwhelming. WOW is committed to providing you therapy with empathy with an awareness of challenges you face. While you are often busy caring for those around you, dedicating time to address your own emotional and mental well-being is an essential as you care for the family and friends you support.

black women

Youth/Emerging Adults

In addition to the developmental process, the stressors you face on a daily basis can leave them feeling overwhelmed. Our 24-hour news cycle and smart phones are constantly informing you about the threats of gun violence, physical/sexual assaults and other events over which they have little control. In addition to that, you must also navigate through their communities, schools and even online social spaces knowing the rights and liberties afforded to your non-Black peers are not always available to you. We understand this can challenge your ability to deal with and process difficult thoughts and feelings. WOW is experienced and uniquely prepared to assist in the emotional and psychological wellness of our youth.

black youth



As more peole dig deeper into their gender expressions, WOW recognizes the stress and complications that may occurr in the lives of those identifying as non-binary. Despite the contributions you make to our communities and culture, you are more likely to experience discrimination, violence and limited access to opportunities granted to cisgendered people. WOW is in awe of the way you continue to thrive in spite of these challenges and remains committed to creating spaces where you and your experiences are safe, respected and affirmed.

Black Non-binary


WOW understands the unique challenges faced by creatives, artists and innovators. Because you rely on your connection to an internal creative source, dealing with emotional and psychological stressors can make your life feel like it’s in disarray, which can lead to a lack of motivation and interest in the creative process. Engaging and working through emotional wounds that have been ignored often leads to an energized and renewed sense of creativity.

black creatives
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