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No one gets through life unscathed. The bumps and bruises I’ve accumulated along my journey have left me with a profound capacity for empathy and understanding, as well as a passion for helping others advocate for their own lives. My goal in our work together is to provide a judgement-free zone where you can gain insight and awareness to foster the change you are seeking.


A former middle and high school teacher and counselor, I have dedicated a significant amount of my education and training to improving the lives of adolescents and young adults struggling with issues related to sexual orientation, gender identity, anxiety and mood disorders, and have an affinity for working with boys and men of all ages, struggling with feelings and experiences that are often difficult to communicate in other spaces. I have worked with creatives, navigating challenges during the course of their careers, and have provided consultation for talent, talent management and entertainment guilds.


In clinical practice, I use a comprehensive approach to therapy that engages clients as individuals as well as parts of a larger system (e.g. family, work, community, etc.), employing a variety of interpersonal, psychodynamic and cognitive/behavioral strategies to aid in strength building, reestablishment of regulation and a return to optimal functioning. In addition to the private practice setting, I have worked in community medical centers and within the juvenile correctional setting.

Kenn Spears, Psy.D
African-American Psychologist

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